I recently got an email from a man named David McCool asking me to take a look at his short film Sparks. I like when people send us things because it exposes me to some neat projects that otherwise would go under my radar. David mentioned “I made it alone, just me and a camera, and it was shot and edited over a week.”and Filmed on a Canon 60D. At a run time of just 5 minutes it is a very digestible little film. Although it’s not perfect it is very well done for a first effort. Certainly better than anything I ever made during my short lived film career. The film is listed as a horror film but it isn’t a traditional horror film. It’s more of a tense thriller and really keeps you on the edge of your seat. It also has a splash of Sci-fi. It reminded me a lot of the movie Primer, hopefully that doesn’t give anything away. David is currently working on his second short film entitled “A Bloodstained Butterfly”. This is a very interesting little project and if you have 5 minutes I recommend you check it out. I am looking forward to his next project

Check out the film now below.

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