Set to release February 10th Amplitude Problem’s debut LP Blue Bot Dots will be dropping. You may know this guy from his excellent work on YTCrackers newest masterpiece Introducing Neals and the Twin Peaks Retro Tribute that has been popping up all over the web.

Amp says this album is “similar to what i did for Neals but a bit chippier and video game-esque”

On first listen I was wildly impressed with the polish and charm of the album. I can tell it’s going to be something that I will be throwing on at house parties for years to come and people will be asking “What is this? it’s amazing”.  Full of catchy synth and that soon to be classic Amplitude Problem sound. From fast paced upbeat songs to some darker stuff this album has some range but flows together so nicely.

Clocking in at just over 30 minutes this album is a joy to listen to front to back. I hadn’t heard of Amplitude before Introducing Neals but I love his style and hope he sticks around.



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