Killa Season is a unique movie watching experience. In 2006 rapper Cam’ron released his 5th studio album Killa Season. as well as a direct to DVD movie based on his life. I heard about this movie when Eddie Huang was on the Joe Rogan Podcast. He mentioned this was one of the best awful movies. What is so great about this movie is it tries so hard to be a good movie. That’s a running theme in the so bad it’s good sub genre. Ironically this movie was produced by Asylum Entertainment/Records which is not the famous american mockbuster movie studio The Asylum that brought us such classics as Sharknado, and Transmorfers. As bad as Asylum films are they are all better shot than this movie.

As Cam’rons writing and Directing debut you can’t really expect that much though. It’s not like he was trained on lighting or sound or anything that is required to make a movie. Although it’s filmed like absolute garbage, it actually isn’t written that bad. It’s certainly isn’t a literary opus but it’s got a decent little plot for a homemade hood movie.  This movie looks like it was a middle school film project, they basically found a cheap digital camera and a couple industrial light rigs and went to town. They did however forget to pick up a tripod so everything was shot from low close to face angles. At first I wasn’t even sure if they had a boom mic and thought they might just be using the built in microphone because the sound was so poor. But then I saw the boom mic in a few shots.  There was lots of hilarious editing choices like fades in between all scenes, and freeze frames when introducing characters.

slinging to a security guard

This first screen shot here really outlines the quality of the film. Cam’ron plays a character called Flea, but at some point they scrap that and just start calling him Cam. Flea starts out as a highschool basket ball star that also slings heroin to teachers. In the first ten minutes they actually used real footage of Cam’ron basket ball career, which is a nice personal touch. The first act of Killa season drags on a bit, it’s mainly about Cam’s humble beginnings. It introduces the deep cast of characters and sets up his empire. The first 30 minutes has some of the worst acting ever, but about an hour in everyone seems to get their baring on the whole idea of acting. This is a 2 hour movie so I was going to turn it off several times, but there a few scenes that kept me watching. The first shooting in this movie is one of the most bizarre scenes off all time. Cam needs an HQ so he goes down to his mexicans buddy’s corner store. His uncle has taken over the corners store so they lure him out and shoot him in the street. Then the mexican buddy takes over the store? What? Towards the end of the first act he starts to make some money and leaves us with some great quotes. “We were ballin. I love Jewellery and my Fur game was at an all time high”

screen 1
death in front of a Papa Johns

The scene that takes us into the second act is when his niece gets shot outside a Papa Johns. This isn’t very good press for Papa Johns but considering how much unlicensed music is in this I don’t think they got permits to film anywhere. Act two is what I like to call the “Don’t give a fuck act”. I specifically call it that because when he is fake crying after his nice dies he keeps repeating “I don’t give a fuck man” then goes on a killing rampage. There is so much of this movie that I assume is improve because it is a lot of yelling at each other. Cam doesn’t want to go to jail, but has been pulling a lot of crimes. The main reason he doesn’t want to go to jail is because his two favorite things are “Money and Pussy” and jail don’t got that. There’s this weird gay cop that tries to lock up Cam but is never seen in the rest of the movie.

screen 2
I don’t give a fuck man

Now this was an hour in and I was ready to turn it off. Lots of stuff happened in the first hour but nothing that interesting. The second half turns up the insanity. It all starts with the first of two music videos within the movie. The first is at his grandpas funeral. When he gives the eulogy he does a rap music video. There was also a great scene where one of Cams homies tries to bang an 80 year old woman at the funeral. It was crazy insane. This funeral leads into some of the greatest scenes in movie history. First he gets $20000 from his grandpas will, and he bought a lambo and a ranger rover. Cam starts upping his game and starts slinging some fresh Dominican heroin.

homie trying to bang an old lady

This next scene is the most bonkers thing in the entire movie. Cams dealer tells him to come over to check out the new product. They show two Dominican ladies shitting out smuggled heroin. There was shit everywhere. This was insanity and it was like a 10 minute scene. This lead into the second music video where they fly on a private jet to Atlanta and film a music video in a strip club.


This brings us to the third act which I like to call the “Love” act. Cam finds out a girl he grew up with dropped out of college and became a crack whore, and her boyfriend is in jail. He gets her back on her feet and eventually becomes romantically involved. So after turning a crack head into a school girl with a 3.5 GPA her man gets out of jail. The dude and a rival gang member want to ice Cam. Not only do the gang member want him dead but so do the cops, and his ex girlfriend who was banging him while he was banging the crackhead school girl. The movie culminates in a warehouse where there is a three way shoot out between the Killa gang, the other gang and the cops. Cam and the Killas escape and he goes into hiding. The other gang also escapes and the movie ends with Cams ex Girlfriend telling them where Cam is hiding. THIS WAS A TWO HOUR MOVIE. IT ENDING ON A CLIFF HANGER. I literally could talk about this movie for hours but I need to stop.


If you want to see the movie in all it’s ridiculous glory it’s on youtube in full. I highly recommend it. I really hope he makes a sequel.

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