Evil-Britta-Troy-ShirleyCommunity Season 4 Episode 13

This will  probably end up being more about how I felt about season 4 than an actual review of the episode but we will see where it goes. A season full of ups and downs (mostly downs) has come to a close. Although I didn’t hate this season it didn’t strike the same chord the previous seasons did. Well to be fair I didn’t think season 3 was anything spectacular either.  I think the ending to this season is rather fitting. The darkest timeline taking over Greendale, and having call backs to almost all the previous great episodes. Paintball, inter dimensional travel, and Jeff graduating. It was a fine ending to a fine show, but it doesn’t feel like it’s finished yet. I predict one more season to let the others graduate. Edit: One more season has been confirmed, like I predicted. #sixseasonsandamovie. This episode had everything that makes a great episode of community, except the most important part, good writing.

This episode was plagued overly sentimental watered down community, and not enough funny. I liked this episode, but it wasn’t funny. Most of this season wasn’t very funny. The writing and general lack of direction hurt this show all season it. This is not the same clever witty show I fell in love with, but that’s just how life goes. I won’t be purchasing this season on DVD, but I may brush through it one more time on Netflix or Hulu. As an avid listener of Dan Harmon’s podcast Harmontown I really want to know what he thinks about this season. It’s not going to be kind but unfortunately I think we will have to wait until it’s canceled.

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