This season hasn’t had many episodes that actually feel like an episode community. This is probably the closest we will get to an actual episode. Defiantly a candidate for episode of the season. Very much similar to one of my favorite episodes Remedial Chaos Theory this episode had a very thought out storyline. This is one of the better flash back episodes I’ve seen. We get the back story of how everyone applied for Greendale and how they are all connected. This is another episode that was made after Chevy Chase left so there is that factor missing but other than that it was a fun episode. We got to see Annie and Troy in highschool. We also get to see the infamous keg flip. We see lawyer Jeff, and activist Britta. Plus Abed reconstructing every detail about that day they all decided to go to greendale.

The one weakness of this episode is there was hardly any jokes. It was all about telling us information about the characters and missed a lot of opportunities for laughs.  Although it had it faults this episode was good and everyone needs an origin story.

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