It’s been sometime since I’ve have lived in a house with cable so for the first time in a couple years I actually got to see this when it aired. I wasn’t as disappointed in this episode as I have been with most of the season but this still wasn’t anything special. I love that Troy and Abed did a Freaky Friday bit but I wish it was executed differently. This whole Troy and Britta relationship has been sloppy all season and has really seemed out of place. I’m glad they decided to axe it but the way they went about it was really weird. I believe I have mentioned this before but it seems like no one knows how to write for Troy. Everything he has said this season seems out of place. In this episode Abed and Troy do a body swap so Abed can break up with Britta for Tory. That in it self seems strange and unlike the Troy character. But what was even stranger is that Britta was accepting that as a break up even before Troy ran in to make it right. However Donald Glover does a perfect Abed impression to the point that it was spooky. I really liked the idea I just wish it was executed differently. This episode was written by Jim Rash and not only is he a great writer but he knows how to write for himself. All of the Deans screen time when he pretend to switch bodies with Jeff (or had Jeff inside him) was comedy gold. It was so good I wish there was more of it. Another thing that was weird about this episode was there was a B Story plot with Annie and Shirley that ultimately didn’t really have anything to do with the episode. I honestly was expecting a bit more from Jim Rash as I love The Descendents. The story was all over the place, but it did have a lot of good jokes in it. Overall this is a mediocre episode but at least it wasn’t unwatchable.

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