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In this new series of blogs I will dive into the most classic of movies that I have never watched before. This series will include movies such as The Godfather, Scarface, Titanic, and other such classic films I never got around to. I will leave my thoughts on the film, and discuss all the references I have missed over the years among other things.


Alright so today I’m watching Animal House. This is considered to be one of the finest pieces of National Lampoons film making. Released 1978, set in 1962. It’s got a few big names in it, Tom Hulce, John Belushi, and Kevin Bacon are the ones I noticed. The first thing that drew me into this film was even though it is 35 years old it still looks great. That may be due to the fact I watched it on Blu Ray (National Lampoon’s Animal House [Blu-ray]) but normally old films on blu ray are super grainy. Animal House certainly holds up in the visual department. Something about acting in the 80’s just was different, it’s always a little weird and forced. This movie had a lot of forced characters but I think it was okay because the movie didn’t take itself very seriously.  It’s also one of those movies where I don’t know if John Belushi is a good actor or if he’s just legit crazy.

Clearly this film inspired pretty much every College flick ever. At a runtime of close to 2 hours I almost expect more to happen in the film. This movie had a similar pacing to the movie Stripes in which the movie is a slow burn and accumulates, then reaches a silliness climax in the last 20 minutes or so. This is a very funny film, it was an innovator of it’s time, but honestly it’s a little overrated. Not in a bad way just there are better College movies, just because you were the first to do it doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Now because this movie was so influential it has been referenced a million times over. RAMMING SPEED.  Now that I have watched the movie there is many pop culture references that are much clearer to me now. Mostly from TV shows, like that Futurama episode and Community episode. But really has waiting this long to watch the movie negatively affected me. Not Really.

As much as I liked this film, I still think Revenge of the Nerds was better.

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