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As a devoted fan of Breaking Bad since I first got myself caught up about 2 years ago, and I can say that my mind was completely enveloped by the universe presented to me, and I became obsessed with the show and it’s character interactions. Each character is three dimensional and creator Vince Gilligan assures that each moment is dripping with foreshadowing.

Tonight, the final episode of the show aired. It breaks my heart that the show is over, but I was taken on an incredible journey through the fifth season. The latest season left us with cliffhangers in every episode leading to the next episode, not including the final episode that left me with certain closure, but tonight’s installment didn’t have me shivering as often as I usually would during an episode.

In an attempt to tie up every loose end, tonight’s episode was 75 minutes instead of the regular 60. In my humble opinion I believe that not every necessary knot was tied in this series finale, and they could have benefited from a 2 hour episode. The episode began with Walt finding a rational and simple way to get his earnings to his family without questioning from authorities, and continued to resurface in New Mexico. Walt spoke briefly with his wife, said good-bye to his daughter and witnessed his son’s return from school from afar.

This was where my first issue with the episode sprung up. I hoped there would be a final interaction between Walter and Walter Jr, as their last encounter over the phone was less than pleasant and couldn’t exactly be called closure between the characters. The episode also severely lacked Walt Jr as a character, and I would have enjoyed getting his take on the situation with his father’s return, however I could live without it.

Walt then travels to Jack’s compound, takes out all the Nazis aside from Todd, who is ultimately strangled to death by Jesse. After the gun fight, Walter asks Jesse to kill him, but in anger Jesse refuses and leaves. This is where my second issue comes into play.  After 5 seasons of Jesse and Walt being partners, I would have liked more closure between these characters. After Walt saves Jesse, Jesse leaves with nothing more than a head nod, leaving Walt to bleed out in an abandoned meth lab.

Overall, I have closure with the series, but not as much as I would have liked. This episode unfortunately had to be rather predictable because if Walt’s final plan didn’t work, the show wouldn’t be able to conclude properly. But the ending was satisfactory and all the characters that needed to die, died. Another issue I had is that before walking to his certain death, the last person Walt ever speaks with is Lydia. How anti-climactic is that? But either way, I’m just a fan knit-picking and the episode was actually quite entertaining and Walt’s closure with Skylar was sweet and satisfying. Thank-you Vince Gilligan for five seasons of gold.

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Breaking Bad Series Finale Score : 7.5 /10

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