As silly as the Fast and Furious movies are I will never miss an installment. I saw the first one when I was pretty young and for the last 15 years I have watched the entire franchise grow to the ridiculousness it is today. I recently acquired the special edition of Furious, the Canadian Best Buy Edition. This version comes with the Steelbook special edition Bluray/DVD combo and a pair of JVC XX headphones. I would have liked to get the Target Special edition that comes with the Movie Soundtrack rather than headphones but this is good too. Since Universal decided to donate part of the proceeds from the DVD sales of Fast & Furious 6 to Walker’s nonprofit Reach Out WorldWide, I figured I might as well buy the special edition.

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The first thing I want to talk about is how awesome the Steelbook case looks for this Blu Ray. The Steelbooks always look awesome but this one has a simplistic look that really brings it all together.

This pack also can with some hot pick headphones. I’ve never tried JVC XX headphones before so I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly these are some of the best earbud headphones I’ve used. I found them on amazon JVC HA-FR201 In-The-Ear XX Series Headphones and they are twice what I paid for combo pack. I just wish they weren’t hot pink because I have to wear them out in public.

Now the movie itself is actually one of my favorite Fast and Furious movies in recent memory. It is probably the biggest action movie in the series and has the biggest cast of all. This is no longer a series about racing cars, this is a full blown action movie. The stunts are huge and more ridiculous than ever, and it’s the first FF to take place in Europe. This movie has a completely different feel than the previous films as it starts with a weird montage of the previous films in what looks like a “last time on” TV recap. Although unlike the last two films Fast 6 is much more colorful and vibrant much like the first two. The story is a bit more fleshed out than Fast 5 which was a bit of a mess in my opinion. Probably my favorite thing about this movie is The Rock is finally on the Paul Walker and Vin team. The guys are no longer on the run and finally have found peace. This is the perfect ending to the Justin Lin era of Fast and Furious and probably my favorite since the original.

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Now Lets take a look at the special features.

The Special Features include:

Extended and Theatrical Movies on Blu ray and DVD

Digital Download code

Commentary with Director Justin Lin

Over 50 minutes of behind the scene footage

  • Meet The Cast
  • Behind the Scenes with Vin
  • Return of Letty
  • and more

So the Special features are alright obviously I would have liked to see a bit more especially for this special edition release. The extended edition is only about a minute longer so I don’t really know what they added. The fact that they even call it an extended edition is a bit insulting. However the Commentary with Justin Lin is quite good, considering this is his fourth and final film of the franchise he has a lot to say. The last four films has consumed 10 years of his life and really defined him as an action director. I do feel like there could have been a bit more behind the scenes stuff I am satisfied with what I saw.

Obviously you can buy the steelbook edition here Fast & Furious 6 (Limited EditionSteelBook)

But if you want the special edition for half the price you can get it in a regular case.  Fast & Furious 6

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