animationdominationSo the new seasons of these animated shows started this week. Since these got so many views last year I guess I’ll do them again.

Family Guy -S12E01 – Finder’s Keepers

I probably laughed harder at the first 5 minutes of this episode then any of the other shows this week. But other than the cold opening, this episode was pretty standard. It was your basic formulaic race for treasure episode.  It was a mad mad mad mad mad mad world type episode, which I feel like they have done before. In this episode Peter goes after a treasure and eventually the whole town finds out. The more I think about it the more I realize nothing really happened in this episode. I would watch this episode for the first 5 minutes then it’s up to you if you want to brave through the thing.

Bob’s Burgers – S04E01 – A River Runs Through Bob

Bob’s Burgers is typically my favorite show out of these four and the season opener was very enjoyable. The Belcher family goes on a camping trip and hilarity ensues. All of the characters really shined in this episode I felt like everyone got their air time. I think being outside the burger shop really lets the 5 family characters excel because there’s not a bunch of minor characters getting in the way. That being said it would have been nice to start the season back at the burger shop, but this was a great episode. When Bob had salmonella and got lost in the woods i feared for his life, that’s how much I like these characters.

The Simpsons – S25E01 – Homerland

This episode is is interesting, I think it’s based on Homeland? I wouldn’t know because I’ve never watched that show, I’m just assuming based on the title of the episode. In this episode Homer goes to a convention, he get’s swag then disappears. He returns home seemingly brain washed. Lisa investigates to find that Homer is possibly involved in a terrorist plot. It’s weird and not really that funny.

American Dad – S09E01 – Steve & Snot’s Test-Tubular Adventure

In this episode Steve and Snot try to get dates for prom. They decide the only way it will work is if they clone some girls. The clones come out as babies and they end up raising them. The best part of this episode is Stan’s cloned dodo bird always trying to kill himself. Other than that this is a pretty standard episode. This is normally on of the better shows but this week it was very average.

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